A Brief Look at Charity Organisations

Charity organisations are basically organisations which are established with the purpose of performing charity related functions. Most of their resources are donated towards charitable activities. They are only interested in worthy causes which can help the people in the society. Most organisations perform the functions as a service to the community. Also, this is all 100% legal and works within the genera policies of a city or state.

Basic characteristics

They have separate identities and are entities which are similar to establishments or trust funds.

Their most important role is working for public benefit. They can even perform community services in this way.

Most organisations operate within the law and order and even have legal bindings. They can generate revenue in various ways. Most revenues are put to use in community service. The only function of these organisations is charity.

How are they formed

These organisations are formed just like regular private companies. They have departments and a hierarchical work structure. The only differences are the principal, purpose, and values of the organisations and their pursuit of non-profit causes. There are a number of ways in which they can be organised including foundations, corporations, unincorporated associations, etc. The number of people working at charities can vary greatly depending on the type of organisation and its size.


Charity organisations generate revenues in various ways in order to sustain their causes. They have active ways of raising funds through programmes and campaigns. They could help with a number of things including public works, medical services, financial aid, human rights, etc. They are generally considered welfare organisations, and work on improving the society through their charitable functions.

They are classified into different groups based on what they do like religious, medical, social service, and educational groups. They can be established by groups, individuals, or trusts.

But, they all have one thing in common, and that is, working for the benefit of others.