Some Quick Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Running charitable organisations requires a lot of money. Fundraising is very important for these charities as the money they receive is what is used to support programs, functions, and services of the charity. Even though there are certain charities which receive funding from other sources, fundraising is the largest source of revenue. Sometimes, a charity needs quick ideas for fundraising. This is also possible. There’s no reason why fundraisers can’t be organised quickly and properly.

Food sales

One of the quickest types of fundraisers to organise is food sales. These ideas can be taken in various directions and can go from bake sales to pizza sales to even candy sales. Food can be sold in person or online if you want to reach bigger audiences. This may not be possible in some countries where hygiene standards are very strict. But, don’t worry there are many more ideas here.


One more way of getting money quickly is through the sale of branded clothes. Shorts, hats, sweatshirts, etc. can be made quickly and sold for at a profit. This is a quick method of fundraising which doesn’t just help you raise money quickly, but also gives you an extra way of promoting the organisation.


Another idea that works is memberships. Selling new membership packages can help raise money very quickly. There’s not much that is to be done here except having a few people take down registration information. This has the potential to produce some great results in a very short period of time.

Irrespective of the fundraising model that charities use, there may always come a time when they need to bring in a little extra cash. Keeping these quick fundraising ideas in mind is a great way to ensure that cash is raised quickly enough without having to go through too much effort.